Books by Holly Lewitas

An Army of Noses

An Army of Noses by Holly Lewitas - Book Cover Another Exciting Escapade Begins

Once again, these loveable, four-footed detectives are up to their noses in a mystery. The stakes are higher than ever—a dear friend is in serious trouble. Spunky and her felines-extraordinaire begin sniffing out the truth, but soon the trail becomes muddled with secrets and lies. The more they dig, the greater the danger. They need help! In fact, they need An Army of Noses to track down the truth. But—what will happen when they must confront a killer?

The Nose Sees All

The Nose Sees All by Holly Lewitas book cover The Adventure Continues!
The wise and lovable canine, Spunky, and her feline cohorts are up to their cute little necks in a new mystery, but this time there’s a murder.

Spunky and Fearless accompany Dr. Hannah Richards to greet the elderly residents at Lakeland Manor where Spunky forms a unique attachment with Mr. Kenneth Boyd, who can communicate telepathically with animals. However, as their bond deepens so does Spunky’s concern for him.

The Nose Knows

The Nose Knows by Holly Lewitas book cover Ms. Spunky, an appropriately named twelve-year-old female terrier mutt, is the narrator of this entertaining and suspenseful mystery.

Spunky lives with her human mom, Dr. Hannah Richards,a licensed psychotherapist, plus four tomcats: Fearless, Sweetie, Bobby, and Fancy-Pants.

Eleven years ago a patient turned violent and held Dr. Richards hostage. Traumatized, she closed her practice and stopped treating patients. However, life has now taken an unexpected turn. Dr. Richards has become a widow and must return to work.

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