10 Ways to Tell You’re a Dog Lover

dog lover Dogs are man’s best friend for quite a few reasons. These are loyal companions who love you unconditionally. Doesn’t matter how angry your partner is with you, if you come home to a house with a dog, there is always somebody happy to see you. Is someone in your life feeling sad? Show them a picture of a few fluffy puppies and problem solved! Messy, dirty, sloppy and drooly canines are much loved by all, but some of us take it to a whole new level. Here are ten ways to determine if you are one of those people.

  1. If people don’t approve of having dogs in the house, then they are no longer invited to your house. Your dog lives here, they don’t.
  2. Puppy dog eyes can stop you in your tracks and render you helpless. Puppy just messed the carpet? How can you yell at those eyes? Did the dog just chew your expensive new leather shoes? Owww, look at that cute little face. Remote control buried in the garden? How can I stay mad at those eyes? Works. Every. Time.
  3. Your dog is getting old and has an arthritic hip, so you custom-build a staircase to allow them to climb up on your bed to sleep. You then kick your partner out to the couch, because the dog needs more room now that he’s older.
  4. Your dog has a social media presence — ‘nuff said.
  5. You don’t want your dog to get lonely while you are at work, so you buy another to “keep each other company.” Now you don’t want to go to work because you want to spend all day playing with the dogs.
  6. You buy organic, macrobiotic meat and vegetables for your dog and ensure he is getting the right mix of vitamins and nutrients from a biologically appropriate diet. You regularly take him to the vet to ensure optimum health. You buy Kraft Mac ‘n’ Cheese for yourself and you haven’t been to the Doctor since…well, you can’t quite remember back that far anymore.
  7. If you watch a movie with a dog in it, you don’t care about what happens to the humans as long as the dog lives. In every action scene where you can’t see the dog you cry, “Who is looking after the dog?!” You’ve been asked not to return to the cinema.
  8. Dog hair is now just an accessory in your house, like the lamp or the throw cushions. You’ve bought every special brush and lint roller, but to no avail. You’re considering buying one of those signs that say “everything tastes better with dog hair in it” and hanging it in your kitchen.
  9. When surfaces in your house look shiny, it’s not a testament to your good housekeeping, but because it’s covered in dog drool. Again. You’ve let it “air dry” so many times that it doesn’t even seem gross to you anymore and you’d probably quite happily eat your dinner off that table.
  10. You understand the importance of spaying your dog and will tell anyone who will listen.

How about you? Are you a serious dog lover? What kinds of special treatment do your canine pals get?


Who is Holly Lewitas?

Holly Lewitas is the author of the Spunky Murder Mystery Series — cozy mysteries for dog and cat lovers. Books include: The Nose KnowsThe Nose Sees All and An Army of Noses. You are invited to connect with her on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest.


Photo: “Dog Face” by David da la Luz is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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  1. Hello! Okay, other than a couple of things I definitely qualify! BOL! Thanks for joining the Pet Parade!

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