Where Do You Stand on the Ray Rice Suspension?

Ray Rice The discussions revolving around the behavior of footballer Ray Rice, and the resulting response by the NFL, seem to represent a micro overview of our society. Do opinions vary between men and women? Does your age play a factor in how you view the situation? What about education or economic background? Does the degree of your devotion to football make a difference?

I am tired of people always asking about the qualifier of race, so I choose not to include that one.

Let’s see which side of the Ray Rice suspension you are on — or perhaps you are right in the middle.

Here are four simple questions:

(1) Are you aware of what Ray Rice did?

(2) How much do you think we should care about what happened?

(3) Do you think he should have been suspended from football?

(4) If yes, do you agree with the lifetime ban?

Now tell us what is your: Gender? Age? Education level? Low, middle or high income?

Any other comment you would like to make?

My name is Holly Lewitas and as a woman, an author, a nurse and a mother I am interested in how everyday, real people see this event and the issues it raises. What about you?


Who is Holly Lewitas?

Holly Lewitas is the author of the Spunky Murder Mystery Series — cozy mysteries for dog and cat lovers. Books include: The Nose KnowsThe Nose Sees All and An Army of Noses. You are invited to connect with her on FacebookTwitter, Google+ and Pinterest.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

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