Meet the Characters

Spunky the dog from The Nose Knows by Holly Lewitas SPUNKY: Abandoned as a puppy, Spunky never looked back. This wise, sassy, classy, courageous mutt has been around humans for twelve years, so she has learned a thing or two, including how to outsmart them. Her determined terrier mind-set and discerning (but cute) nose are the perfect tools for her detective work. Spunky will warm your heart. She certainly is not just a dog!
Sweetie the cat from The Nose Knows by Holly Lewitas SWEETIE: Don’t let his name fool you; this neutered tomcat is all male. But his gentle soul is stronger than his ego. However, you should not call him a sissy unless you are ready for a fight!
Fearless the cat from The Nose Knows by Holly Lewitas FEARLESS: Spunky’s first cat-buddy. He is a long-legged, big, tiger striped tabby. This boy’s life started out rough, but he got to the right place in the nick of time and his life has been good ever since. He still has some physical—and emotional—issues, but the scar on Spunky’s nose is proof that no critter should mess with Fearless.
Bobby the cat from The Nose Knows by Holly Lewitas BOBBY: He may be Sweetie’s brother, but he’s very different in form and personality. This cat gets into everything and tests every limit of human patience. It is impossible to ignore Bobby! He simply won’t let you!
Fancy Pants the cat from The Nose Knows by Holly Lewitas  FANCY-PANTS:  This plumed tail feline is the youngest and the newest member of the family. He may have much to learn, but you will discover he has an special asset that sets him apart. 
Now-Spunky would say we have left the best character to last! Her  human: Dr. Hannah Richards: 


The animal characters are based on real life critters. Hence. they have pictures. But Dr. Richards is fictional. So we will be holding a contest and anyone who has read the book will be eligible to submit a picture of what they think Dr. Hannah Richards looks like. The winning picture will get posted here!

But here are a few hints about the character:She is a psychologist, widow, and animal rescuerShe too had a traumatic past, but the animals have helped her to heal and she is beginning a whole new chapter in her life. The question is will she see the new danger before it is too late?


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