FIND YOUR VOICE! Politics, Religion, Pro-Choice, Social Issues!

Any dog can bark to tell you off, but a smart canine learns how to effectively communicate with their  human. However, I have noticed many humans are not very good at communicating with each other. Either they are so afraid of hurting someone’s feelings so they do not speak up or they seem intent on forcefully presenting their viewpoint in an attempt to change all opposing opinions. Do humans need to get angry before they speak? Or do they only speak up when they are angry? I certainly know that a quiet stare from a canine can be highly effective, and sometimes the shyest pup can is the one with the most wisdom.

The cats and I want to see if we can provide a safe place for humans to express their viewpoint. The questions is should we just use a free range of topics or pick a few to guide the conversation? Tell us what you think.


Topics do not need to be doggie issues, but rather real life human issues and concerns, like religion, politics, money, social issues, etc. We will be adding our unique critter point of view. One rule applies, you must be respectful. We retain the right to not post any comment that we find offensive, hateful, or simply not civil.

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