Spunky’s Free Advice: How to Feel Safe

scared As we mentioned in a previous blog, we are now accepting calls for advice from our readers, which we (Spunky, Dr. Richards, and pals) will do our best to answer! The latest request for our wise counsel follows, along with our response:

Dear Spunky,

I am 9 years old and all this talk about terrorists scares me. My parents say there are some very bad people in the world, but they will keep me safe. But my parents are not with me at school or when I am with my friends, so what can I do to keep myself safe? I don’t like being scared. – Billy T.

Spunky says:

Dear Billy,

I don’t like to be scared either. Before I was rescued, I was all alone, and I was one scared little puppy, so I understand what it feels like to be afraid of the unknown. What I learned to do was to be vigilant. Do you know what that word means? It means watchful, observant, and yes, it means on-guard. It does not mean you walk down a street scared, but rather you walk down that street aware of what is going on around you. Aware of all things — good, bad, suspicious, or maybe just different. If you are paying attention to life around you, you are better able to see stuff and know how to react. That means a car turning a corner too fast, a ball headed for your head, a little kid falling off his bike that needs your help, or that stranger who is cruising around in his car and looking suspicious.

Your parents should always know where you are going to be. Stay alert to life around you and not distracted by music or texting. I know my eyes, ears and brain are my powerful first line of defense. Knowing I could be vigilant helped me be less afraid. Maybe it can help you, too.



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Who is Spunky?
Spunky is a 12-year-old terrier mutt and the protagonist of the Spunky Murder Mystery series, a series of cozy mysteries for dog and cat lovers, written by author Holly Lewitas. Titles include The Nose KnowsThe Nose Sees All, and An Army of Noses.

Photo: “Scared” by Capture Queen is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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