Strange Cat Behavior: Do Your Cats Like to Be Bopped?

tabby cat I live with a whole passel of cats. Since I am a terrier mutt, and not a cat, I had to learn a thing or two about these felines. I came to accept that they see the world differently than a dog, and, of course, they are convinced they’re the superior species. I am kind and let them keep their illusions. What I do know is that cats make great buddies and have very special talents, which have proved invaluable to me on many occasion.

After living with this many cats for so many years, I now consider myself somewhat of an expert. There are two, Bobby and Sweetie, who do not fit the usual mold. They enjoy an activity that the rest of the cats want nothing to do with. Bobby and Sweetie are 9-year-old, tiger-striped tabby brothers. Bobby is a bob-tail while Sweetie is a long tail, and they both came to live with us when they were kittens.

Even as a young tomcat, Bobby liked to have his butt bopped. What is bopping? Bobby climbs into his basket, sticks his butt up in the air and our human mother cups her hand and whops his bottom. If she stops, then he meows loudly telling her, “Hey, who told you to stop?” She obeys and begins again. This same pattern repeats five or six times until Mom’s hand gets tired.

This has been going on for years! Previously, Sweetie was not inclined to participate, but about a year ago, either jealousy or his genes took over and now he too is a bopping loving cat.

Every night, Mom places their baskets side-by-side on the table and they climb in. And, let me tell you, a cat knows which basket is theirs. When Sweetie tries to be smart and tries to occupy Bobby’s? Well, Bobby just climbs in too and sits on his head!

When they are settled, Mom proceeds to bop both butts. They love it!

So my question is this: Are these two brothers weird, or do you too have a cat buddy that likes to be bopped? I would love to know.


Who is Spunky?
Spunky is a 12-year-old terrier mutt and the protagonist of the Spunky Murder Mystery series, a series of cozy mysteries for dog and cat lovers, written by author Holly Lewitas. Titles include The Nose KnowsThe Nose Sees All, and An Army of Noses.


Photo: “Suki” by Andy Turnbull is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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