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Mystery Book Recommendations for a Good Night In

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

A rainy night, an open fire, a cozy lounge chair and a glass of good wine — these are almost the perfect mix of ingredients for a fantastic night in. The only thing missing is a good mystery book to curl up with, one so gripping that each time you finish a page you say the next one will be the last before you sleep, only to find yourself still reading when dawn breaks many hours later.

There is something about this genre that captures us. Perhaps it is the escape into a safe thrill, or the allure of the inherently good detective fighting for justice…or the moral ambiguity of the same as they fight against themselves as much as the bad guy. Whatever the reason, the twist and turns of these four mystery books will be sure to have you captivated, long after your eyes are heavy and you know you should have slept hours ago. You’d better warn your boss that you’re going to be coming in late tomorrow. (more…)

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