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Cat and Dog Body Language Can Tell You A Lot!

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Spunky and Fearless, Spunky Murder Mysteries Hi there, Ms. Spunky here. Did you know dogs are great interpreters of human body language? That’s because we study you very carefully. Well, I shouldn’t speak for the cats, but humans have always fascinated me. How can I put it…humans are better than a flying stick, and more special than a bouncing ball! Now, I wouldn’t say all humans are better than a lamb chop, but they all are certainly a very special breed.

Did you know that dogs and cats also have their own body language? We are always showing you when we are happy, scared or angry. If you are observant, you can decipher what we are trying to tell you by our body language and the sounds we make.

Come. Sit. This great doggie sage will gladly teach you. (more…)

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