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Spunky’s Free Advice: Stepdad Problems — Please Help!

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

mom can we talk As we blogged about recently, we are now accepting calls for advice from our readers, which we (Spunky, Dr. Richards, and pals) will do our best to answer! The latest request for our wise counsel follows, along with our response:

Dear Spunky,

My parents divorced three years ago. I am now 16. Six months ago, my mother began dating another man, and now they are getting serious. I am very worried they’ll marry and that he will become my stepfather. I can’t stand the man. He is a rich, loud, arrogant jerk who told my mother he thinks all kids should be sent away to boarding school. I did talk to my Dad about the situation and he says I could come and live with him if my mother would allow it (she has primary custody), but I know it would break her heart if I left her. Please tell me what I should do; the idea that his man could become my stepfather is giving me nightmares.  – Patty K.s (more…)

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