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The Best Fictional Animal Characters of All Time

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

lassie Some of our most beloved fictional characters are animals. Many a great film or book has an animal taking center stage, just ready to steal the hearts of the audience. Think back to your favorite childhood movies and you will probably think of Bambi and Old Yeller, Puss in Boots or Donkey, Dumbo or Tom and Jerry.

Whether it is crime fighting, child rescuing, or mystery solving, these fictional animals are making friends and defeating the bad guys wherever they go, and, in the process, touching our hearts so much that sometimes we care more about their outcome than that of their human companions.

In honor of all animal characters, Spunky, the beloved protagonist of the Spunky Murder Mystery Series, and I celebrate ten of the best, with a special focus on those ones that kick some serious bad-guy butt! (more…)

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