Hello and welcome from your hero

Good day to you my fellow felines!

But first of all please check there are any humans around? Are you sure? Is that door nicely secure? Excellent -remember the knowledge that we cats can use the internet is one of our most closely guarded secrets. So make sure you clear your search history before logging off. Just last week I had to help cover up for a foolish tabby in Skoke Illinois who’s owners found a mysterious ebay order for; 2 lbs of catnip and 200 feet of yarn. He was a very foolish feline and as a punishment gets only dry cat food at night, when he used get get herring. Yes he sleeps without the fishes. And the least said the better about the poor little old lady who found 2 hours of “Persians gone wild” on her computer! 
My codename  is Captain Catsup (my poor foolish human owners cal me Tinkerbell!) I’m Cat secret agent and defender of cat kind everywhere. And I will be keeping you up to date on my adventures over the coming weeks. Also I will be sharing my thoughts about a book my careless human  left lying around. It’s a mystery about a group of cats who help humans! And they do it with a dog! If that is true, then it must be very comical. Anyway be  seeing you, I can hear the humans stirring so signing out for now. And keep watching those cat flaps – let no intruders in!

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3 Responses to “Hello and welcome from your hero”

  1. Gertrude says:

    Welcome Capt. Catsup,

    I am a shih tzu who also enjoys the Spunky mystery series. Give peace a chance. Dogs are good people too! I personally love cats…at least they are fun to chase! Either way. Dog or catlovers will all enjoy the Spunky mystery series. The Nose Knows really gets us. Don’t you think? I’ll be curious to see your future blogs. You sound like an interesting character.

  2. Fearless says:

    I used to share Captain Catsup’s opinion of dogs – but then I got to be in Spunky’s family. She’s not just a dog! But felines can be very opinionated and of course – 90% of the time – we’re right – but in time I bet Captain Catsup will see beyond Spunky’s dog fur and his opinion will change. But don’t hold your breath, cause felines get even more stubborn IF they think you want them to do something. The key is a sneak attack!

  3. spunky says:

    You’ve got to love Captain Catsup. He has much to learn about the perks of having a dog buddy – but Fearless and the boys will change his mind eventually. I just love his spunk! Bet he’s had a whole mess of wild and crazy adventures! Stay tune. – Spunky

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